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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have an important question that you can’t find the answer to below, please feel free to contact Mercedes-Benz of Bonita Springs today. One of our friendly representatives can’t wait to help.

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What if my vehicle doesn’t start?

There are many things that could cause your vehicle to not start such as a dead battery, a bad alternator, a bad starter, a bad sensor, or even a stretched or broken timing belt. When you try to turn it on, if you hear a click, it could either be the starter or a dead battery. In this case, you should check your battery. if you have a voltmeter, you can use it to make sure the battery has 12 volts when the vehicle is turned off. If the volts do not drop below 10.50 volts when someone turns the key in the ignition then it is likely the starter. 

When should I replace my car battery?

You don’t want to wait to replace your car battery when it no longer works at all. That leaves you stranded trying to figure out how to get your battery replaced with no new battery in sight. Instead, you should check the warranty date on the battery so you know when it is time to replace. The letter stands for the month and the number is the year. So if you see C18, you should replace before March of 2018. Alternatively, you could always bring your car to our Service Center and have it checked to make sure that it is still holding a charge. 

How many miles before my Mercedes-Benz needs an Synthetic Motor Oil Replacement?

When you own a car from Mercedes-Benz of Bonita Springs, you don’t have to worry about maintaining your vehicle because we take care of the scheduling for you. While you can check your owner’s manual to see when our next maintenance is due, you can also have your service center call you when it’s time to have your vehicle serviced.
If you have questions, call the Mercedes-Benz of Bonita Springs service center and we will be happy to help.

What if my “service engine soon” light turns on?


Your Mercedes-Benz is comprised of numerous sophisticated monitoring, safety and alert systems. This video will help you understand all of them.

When the “service engine soon” light illuminates, you need to bring your Mercedes-Benz to Mercedes-Benz of Bonita Springs‘ service center as soon as you can. Once here, our service technicians can diagnose the issue by plugging a code reader into your vehicle’s diagnostic port.

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Which kind of tires should I get?

The tires you choose depend heavily on the type of driving you do. The service advisers at Mercedes-Benz of Bonita Springs can provide you with suitable tire recommendations based on your driving habits. For example, if you primarily drive on gravel roads, live down a long gravel driveway or drive frequently on rough surfaces, you’ll have different tire needs than someone who travels mostly on the highway.

Do I need to align my tires when I get new ones?

Your alignment should be checked when you get new tires. When your tires have uneven wear, the alignment should be taken care of.

How often do I need to buy or replace tires?

The frequency at which you’ll buy or replace your tires depends entirely on how you drive your vehicle, where you drive and what type of tire you currently have. Tires that are designed for highway driving are made of softer rubber and, as a result, wear faster. Likewise, driving on rough surfaces will lead to a replacement sooner rather than later. Always check your tires against wear, low pressure and other potential issues and when the treat is almost even with the built-in wear bars, schedule an appointment as soon as possible. 

Putting the wrong tires on your Mercedes-Benz is like putting the wrong shoes on a thoroughbred racehorse. They may look good but you’ll never get you’re the best performance out of either one. Avoid that mistake with this video.

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When should I replace belts and hoses?

While Mercedes-Benz has a recommended schedule for replacing hoses and belts, there are other signs that you need to know. Hoses that are soft or starting to crack need to be replaced. Belts that have a shiny bottom side or that are dry rotted also need to be changed. 

What is the difference between OEM and generic parts?

The parts used to service your Mercedes-Benz vehicle are extremely important. OEM auto parts – which are “original equipment manufacturer” parts made by the car maker, such as Mercedes-Benz – are the only type used by Mercedes-Benz of Bonita Springs. Generic parts are not made by the manufacturer and are not guaranteed to meet the same quality standards that OEM auto parts do. At Mercedes-Benz of Bonita Springs, we guarantee all of the work performed by our service technicians as well as the parts they use.

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Certified Professionals

Why use ASE-Certified technicians?

Master technicians must pass through a series of tests, and have two years of experience working in the field documented.
All of your repairs completed by an ASE Certified repair technician will be done right the first time. Your Mercedes-Benz technician will have the education necessary to use quality OEM Mercedes-Benz parts and the skills to get the job done well.
All parts and work done on your Mercedes-Benz come with a complete warranty. Whether the part was defective or there was an installation error, you are protected against all malfunctions. Your Mercedes-Benz is in good hands at Mercedes-Benz of Bonita Springs.

Only Mercedes-Benz customizes the service schedules for your vehicle according to the amount of time you’ve owned it. Learn about how Stage B Service ensures you’ll be enjoying your Mercedes-Benz for years to come.

What’s wrong with non-certified technicians?

When you need repairs or regular maintenance performed for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle, you do not want to go to just anyone. You want to use a certified professional and preferably one that is specifically trained to work on Mercedes-Benz vehicles. This is because when you have someone who is a certified professional, you will know that the repair is done right the first time and that only quality parts are used. Also, with Mercedes-Benz vehicles, the equipment that is used to properly diagnose the issues is special to Mercedes-Benz and they are trained to use it. This prevents an inaccurate reading and possibly wasted money for a needless repair. 

What are the certification requirements?

To become a master technician, a series of tests must be passed. A master technician must also have two years of documented hands-on work experience.
There are 8 tests a tech needs to pass for automobiles in order to be considered a master. For collision repair, a tech must pass 4 tests in the series. The A series for automobiles and light trucks include:
  • Engine repair
  • Automatic transmission/transaxle
  • Manual drivetrain and axles
  • Suspension and steering
  • Brakes
  • Electrical/Electronic system
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Engine performance
To become a body or collision repair master tech, these tests must be passed:
  • Painting and refinishing
  • Non-structural analysis and damage repair
  • Structural analysis and damage repair
  • Mechanical and electrical components
All master techs must recertify every five years.

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Mercedes-Benz mbrace® Connect

Staying connected is a necessity in today’s busy and fast-moving world. Whether this means staying on top of the latest developments at work or keeping tabs on your family, mbrace® Connect from Mercedes-Benz makes the process seamless and instantaneous.
The integrated mbrace® system means that you are connected with the world the moment you start your Mercedes-Benz. You’ll be able to stream your choice of music wirelessly, receive and make wireless calls and more — all while enjoying the convenience and safety of keeping your hands on the steering wheel.
At Mercedes-Benz of Bonita Springs, our technology specialists or your sales associate can help you sync your mobile device with the mbrace® system before you drive off the lot. 

The intelligent automobile and the smartphone join together to enhance your driving experience. This video shows you how to make it happen.

Bluetooth Connect


Whether it’s an opening an automatic garage, controlling home lighting or opening a motorized gate, this video will show you how to do it with the HOMELINK system in your Mercedes-Benz.


Your Mercedes-Benz Warranty

Total Peace-of-Mind, No Exceptions
Whether you’ve got your heart set on a brand new or Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle, Mercedes-Benz of Bonita Springs offers a comprehensive range of warranty options to fit your needs. All you need to do is select the plan that best fits in with your own preferences and requirements and we’ll take care of the rest from here on out. It’s the total peace-of-mind you just can’t put a price on.


Does Your Car Have a Safety Recall?

Recalls have been in the news a lot lately. We know you have questions about the effect of these recalls on the safety of you and your passengers. We can’t service every vehicle with an open recall, but we can alert you if your vehicle has one.

Find out if your car is affected.

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